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The grass on the other side, is it really greener?

Basically every single day we're confronted with so-called greener grass on the other side. People with easier lifes, better jobs, prettier bodies, more money, happier smiles and skills, talents and material goods that we don't have. But is it true? Is their grass actually greener than yours?

On this blog we're handing you tools to reserach your own green grass, and to make yours feel even greener than it already is. With mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, fitness and conscious living - inside & outside greenness. Share with me your thoughts, and I'll share mine.

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yoga classes

A restless mind, anxious, insecure; stress in the mind or the body, yoga for relaxation or bodily exercises for strength, fitness and to feel more happy about your physical body?

Let me know what you are looking for and we'll work on it. Getting rid of the things you don't need or gain what you do need.

What are you looking for?



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